Thursday, October 21, 2010

Slow and lazy week and Mica

I decided to give my back a break and have been doing some cooking (Lasagna) and reading this week.  I did have to take some boxes to the post office, but I haven't been moving them all over the place here at home.  I do plan on spending some time in the shed tomorrow, figuring out a better layout for the shelves so that I can get to stuff even when the lawnmower is tucked away. 
I haven't talked about Mica much, but she is a gorgeous tortoiseshell with some strange personality quirks.  She has a crackly Meow and has had since she was a baby.  She loves a cell phone and will come whenever I pull it out to talk or text.  She will get right up in my face.  She also loves the plastic caps off of my Mt. Dew and will suddenly appear when I open one up.  I try to hide them from her but she will fish them out of wherever I put them.  She  loves to play volleyball with little wads of paper that I trim off of my shipping labels.  She and Jean-Claude will bat them all over the place, but she will leap to bat them in air before they hit the ground.  She has a fluffy coat with an undercoat that her brother doesn't have.  Unfortunately, more hair means hairballs.  She does love to be brushed, but sometimes I think that just causes more shedding.

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