Monday, October 11, 2010

Sassy is sick.

Just got back from the vet.  Sassy weighs just 5.48 pounds, down a pound from last year and down 2 pounds from 2 years ago.  She has been having loose stools and not using the litter box.  We put her on a special food and two different medications and if she does not get better in a couple of days we will be doing some bloodwork on her.  Even if she does get better we will be going in for a weight check up in a few weeks.  I got the carrier out this morning and opened the door before I went to get her from the bathroom, where I am keeping her isolated.  When I came back out to put her in, Jean-Claude was already in it.  Trying to get her in and him out at the same time.  Priceless.  I knew if I let go of her I would never catch her again in time for the appointment.  Everything has to be about Jean-Claude.  He is a primadonna.  I did make the kids appointment for Wednesday for their yearly check-up.  They are just over 3 years old now.

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