Friday, October 22, 2010


Sassy lost 2/10 of a pound in the last two weeks.  She didn't like the canned food the vet sent home with us and she didn't like the taste of the stuff in the syringe that I was supposed to give her every day for five days.  She threw it up both times I tried.  They ran a pretty complete bloodwork on her and everything came back "boring" my Vet said, which means within normal ranges.  Through the process of elimination he has decided she has an irritable bowel and we are starting on a course of Prednisolone.  Half a pill twice a day for a week, and then I am supposed to let him know how things are going.  It's a good thing she is easy to pill.  Not like the youngsters.  They hate it!  He sent home a sample of dry food that is the same as the canned and glory be, she likes it!

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