Sunday, March 30, 2008

over 200 books listed!

I have been busy, busy, busy. Only 9 more auctions up tonight, but they were box lots and had to be photographed and then listed, and I mean listed as in long lists of books. Several of them should do very well. Last nights listings all have watchers and a 3 of them have bids. One of the ones I just put up, the Diana Palmer books, already has an opening bid. I think every box of her books that I have put up have gone to the United Kingdom. Interesting, because they are Texas based cowboy type contemporary romances with silent men and mostly naive young women. I pick them up when I see them because I know of box of hers will pull almost $2 a book, and I can usually get them for .10-50 each.
Not my cup of tea though, I love me some regency! That isn't my auction, but I do have most of the Mary Balogh books, and a lot of them go that high.

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