Monday, January 11, 2010

Electrical Problems

I am sitting at home, waiting for the electrician to show up.  My master circuit breaker started getting hot and tripping yesterday, and after setting it and then having it trip a couple of hours later I left it off and spent the night in Carbondale.  I called this morning, and they said afternoon.  When I got back to the house it was 41 degrees inside.  I reset the breaker, and since it was cold to start with it may last till he gets here.  I did some research online and then called brother Jeff.  I am pretty sure it just needs to be replaced.  If there was a short somewhere it would be one of the individual breakers tripping.  Fun stuff, owning your own home.  I will update later.

Later---oh, boy.   Looks like I need a new box both inside and outside, and time to upgrade to 200 amp service, since I will be getting the place ready to either sell or rent next year.  Close to $3,800.  Fun.  I really thought I might get to do something fun with my savings.  Looks like I really need to get busy on EBAY.  I am staying the next two nights at Karen's because they can't get here till Thursday to do the change out.

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