Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of the month shopping $35.20

I did a total of 3 transactions at Walgreens, starting with a $10 and $2 Register reward. Joint Juice is on sale for 10 w/10RR so free. The Blink eye drops are 7.99 w/8 RR and there was a $2 coupon in todays paper.  The tuna was .89 each and the jello 5/1.00 so I spent a total of $8.56 and ended up with a $10 and $8 RR- so 8.56-6 = 2.56 for all pictured, including the paper, with more coupons! 5 jello, 2- 30 ct. Joint Juice, 2-Blink Gel Tears, 3 Chunk white tuna, 1 box mixed dried fruit and the Sunday paper.  According to the receipts, I saved  $68.32

 Then I went to Aldi's and bought Brocolli crowns, baby carrots, spinach, baked beans, and frozen puff pastry.  I am going to try the spinach in place of frozen and see how it works.  Lots of the  recipes I have been exploring for the last month have used puff pastry, so I am going to give it a try.
Total spent at Aldi's was $5.30.  Not bad at all.

Then I went to CVS, starting with 3 $10 ECBS.  I had two $1.25 coupons for the Dove's Men stuff, which was $5.49 and giving $5.49 ECB.  The febreeze had a B1G1 coupon and both it and the Fuze go towards the buy $25 get 10 ECB deal with the PG products this week.  I also had a 4/20 coupon.  I spent $1.49 and a 10 ECB and got a 10.98 ECB back.  I also have 9.98 towards the $25 for the PG ecb.  According to the receipt I saved 26.08 on this trip.
At Kroger I took advantage of their buy 10 get $5 off deal to work towards a $20 Nabisco rebate.
The 5 Easy Mac's are part of the rebate, and will be donated.  They and the Hunts and Rotel were part of the B10G5 deal.  I had coupons for the salad and yeast and decided to get another paper for more coupons this week.  I spent $6.46 and got a couple of Catalina coupons for future deals.  SALAD for lunch today!
My last stop was at Walmart, where I used some expiring coupons. I spent $13.41, mostly on the Sun Crystals which are Stevia based.  Matt has almost convinced me that HFCS is poison, but I still bought the Marshmellows to make ambrosia. That is what the sour cream is for also.  I am looking for more ways to incorporate beans into my diet, sloooooowly, and bought red and black beans. 

In conclusion, I spent $35.20 and ended up with $6 more in RR and .98 more in ECBS and partially fulfilled a $10 ECB and $20 Rebate deal. 

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