Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Listings

I bookmooched a bunch of Mary Balogh Signet regencies on Bookmooch a couple of weeks ago, and went through my own collection today and exchanged my worn copies for the nicer ones, and then listed the rest on EBay.  Her newer books don't go for much, but these little old Signets can go for $20-$40 sometimes.  I put 13 of them up and a box of her newer stuff.

I ate my chicken salad and chopped up some hotdogs to throw in barbecue sauce, just to use them up.  I will pretend like they are little smokies.  I believe I am going to make this tomorrow

and take them to work for breakfast the rest of the week.  They make my mouth water, and I have everything to make them with.

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