Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last minute Jan. 31st deal.

Was sorting through the coupons and came across a rebate that ends TODAY.  It was a Nabisco offer, buy ten Crackers, Easy Cheese and/or Planters nuts, get $10 back.  Kroger is having a buy ten items get $5 off that includes the crackers, and I had 3 $1 off of 2 and 2 $2 off of 2 coupons, some that expire today!  So I went.  I bought 10 boxes of Triscuits, different flavors.  I use them with tuna salad, like chips and dip.  I paid $10.17 after coupons, and will get the $10 back.  After the cost of a stamp, the 10 boxes of triscuits cost me .60 total.  Definitely worth the extra trip to me!  I can go through 1.5 boxes a week when I am on a Tuna Salad kick!
Yes, I did check the best by date on the boxes and have till May to eat them.  I did notice this evening that I am down to my last 25 double rolls of TP.  I haven't spent money on TP in over two years.  Or dish soap.  Or toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deoderant, paper towels, razors, bath wash, laundry soap,  cleaners, sponges......

I love coupons and CVS and Walgreens and Krogers.

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