Saturday, March 29, 2008

cvs and mt. dew

Super Saving Saturday

It wasn't a great week for me, but I did do the Mt. Dew deal, 4- 12 packs for $12 with 3 ecbs back, and added a Mach 3 razor to put me over $15 so I could use my 5/15. I had a $3 coupon for the razor, and I don't have my receipt right here, but I didn't use up all of my gift card. I still have .91 left on it! I did order another $25 card from MYPOINTS. So far, since February 1st, I have spent less than $20 cash, and am getting more than that back in rebates. Next week we will get ECB's printing out based on our spending for the winter quarter. I am interested to see how that works, since this is my first time.

See how much better everyone else did by clicking the Super saving saturday title at the beginning of this post.

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