Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

3:00pm--It didn't go away, but I don't think it is here to stay. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow and up to 44 so it will all disappear. This is my poor lilac, by my front porch. You notice the ice and snow isn't really sticking to the ground. That is because two days ago it was in the high 60's and the ground is too warm. It hasn't started to stick to the roads yet either, which is a good thing because I still need to get to the Post Office and drop off some packages and then to Sam's for some printer ink.

Alrighty then. Maybe I spoke too soon.

The picture above was taken at 3pm when I got home from work, and the picture below is at 4:30pm, after running errands. I think the ground has cooled down somewhat, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Why do you choose to live in a place that treats lilac bushes with such disrespect??

JTE (Jennifer The Elder) from now on.

Jennifer The Elder said...

Let's try this again now that I'm somebody...can you see me, First Chapter??