Monday, March 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday2

I actually stuck pretty close to last weeks menu, except for Saturday's stew, so let's give it another go!

Once again, oatmeal for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch during the week. Snacks in the morning are usually a hard boiled egg and low fat string cheese. I eat alot of apples and oranges this time of year. Bananas have a very small window of opportunity for me. I don't like them too hard and green and can't stand them mushy.
I am eating out of the pantry this week, trying to use up some stores.

Monday- Baked potato, ham from yesterday
Tuesday- Omaha Steaks hamburger on the george foreman grill, baby carrots
Wednesday- Sweet and Sour Chicken and white rice
Thursday- Grilled cheese sandwich and soup
Friday- Big salad with the fixin's
Saturday- Try to get the stew going one more time!
Sunday- Leftovers and clean out the refrigerator!

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Annie said...

Menu sounds yummy!

seven of seven said...

I'm hungry just reading your post!! I bet it feels good to clean out the cupboard. There is so much stuff that we collect and never get through until it has to be tossed. It's kind of amazing to find something in a can that expired in 2005 and there it is in your cupboard! I vow to not to waste like that in the future.