Saturday, March 29, 2008

Harry Dresden- Wizard

I had just changed the bulbs, and the fan was running. Silly boy really wanted to catch a blade!
Mica was busy cleaning up her bald belly. No stitches, because they glue them back together these days!
This will be the auction to watch this week. I sold the first 8 books in paperback last month, and these are brand new hardback anthologies with the complete series up to this point. The 10th is coming out in hardback soon. Harry Dresden is a wizard in Chicago and had his own series on the Sci Fi channel. I put up 5 box lots tonight as 5 day auctions. I will get 5 more up tomorrow as 7 day auctions. Taking advantage of the .01 listing sale.

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seven of seven said...

So, did he catch a blade?? Crazy kitty!