Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ebay and books

Last week on my way home from work I stopped at a little thrift shop. They usually have paperbacks for .25, or 5/1.00 so I like to browse regularlly. The little library next door also has .25 books in the back room, so I combine the stops. I found 22 books in a series for young adults about horses, 2 sets of 4 books each, again about horses, and a last set of 3. The 22 looked like they had been read, but the other 3 sets were pristine. I took them home for about $7 and photographed them and got them up on ebay on Sunday night. They are doing pretty good, 2 have bids and the other two have watchers, so hopefully they will all sell.

Sometimes I will find partial sets, and that is when I get on BookMooch and try and fill them in to sell.

It seems that things sell out of my ebay store in cycles. A week ago I had several sales, then none until last night. 3 weeks ago I had a bunch go at once, then a stall for 2 weeks. I don't get it, but enough moves that I am not tempted to shut it down. Yet.

I do need to spend some time prepping and photographing some clothing items tonight so I can have them listed tomorrow evening.

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