Friday, March 7, 2008

cvs part 2

CVS -Part 2

First let me say that this is my new treasure hunt fun. For the past 8 years I have been selling clothing and books on EBAY and thrift shops and yard sales have been my treasure hunts. However, I have so much current inventory that hasn't been listed that I can not justify buying anymore until I clear it out, sooooo, I needed something else to satisfy the scavenger in me. This is it.

ECB- Extra Care Bucks

When you sign up for your extra care card, you begin earning money on your first purchase. You get 2% of the total you spend at CVS back in ECB's quarterly. Since our goal is to spend as little as possible, this won't amount to much.

However, CVS also has Monthly and Weekly ECB deals. This month, when you buy a certain size of CVS vitamin C, a specific size of Colgate Total toothpaste or Lypsyl lip moisturizer, you get ECB coupons worth the same amount you paid for those items. Every month the deals change. They also have deals like buy $20 worth of Benefiber, get $10 ECBs. These print out at the bottom of your receipt when you have fulfilled the terms of the deal. It doesn't have to be in one transaction, but does have to be in the same week or month. The links I have posted above also list whatever manufacturers coupons have come out for these items that are not expired.

After you have been using your CVS card for a few weeks, CRT's or Coupon Register Tape coupons will start printing out for items you have bought previously. You can combine CVS Crt coupons and manufacturers coupons for the best deal. When you combine the ECB deals with double coupons and the money off coupons we talked about in part 1, the savings will amaze you. Next time I will line out the deals I will be working next week, so you will see how it all works.

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seven of seven said...

Mica is a funny girl. I hope Sassy didn't beat her up! I look forward to hearing more about your CVS bargains. I love bargains.