Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ebay and bookmooch

It is raining again. I had to go out to the shed and hunt up two books that sold out of my EBAY store yesterday, and Jean-Claude has convinced himself that there is something really interesting OUTSIDE!!!! I finally just picked him up and carried him to the shed, and he explored while I rearranged and grabbed the two books I needed. When I called him to leave he came right up, so that worked out ok, I was afraid I would be chasing him down.

I also had 7 books to ship off of Bookmooch, which is a very good thing, because I had mooched so many myself in the last week and needed to get my numbers back up. Bookmooch allows me an opportunity to move books that aren't worth listing on EBAY by adding them to my inventory and if someone "mooches" it I get a point, which I can then search everyone else's inventory for a book I want. I pay the shipping for any book leaving my house, and the other person pays to ship a book I want to me! If you mooch a book from any other country, it costs you two points, but they get three points for shipping internationally.

Now I have to make a run out to SAMs Club for some more padded envelopes. I really go through those and Sams has the best price around.

I am just throwing this picture of the room I slept in in Scotland, because, you know, there is a book thing going on in this post!

I am working on some sort of weekly format for the bloggy thing. There are so many things you can participate in on a weekly basis, and some of them are right up my alley, so you may be seeing some changes as this developes.

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