Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rush to nowhere.

So I get off work and rush home to pack up some packages for the post office, 3 Ebay, 5 bookmooch, and hurry, hurry , hurry because I have an appointment at the Eye Doctor for 4:00. I am hoping that he will say my cataracts are at the point where we can do surgery and get this over with.

Nope, no Dr. in the office today. I should have been notified that my new appointment is next Tuesday at 2:30. Dang. I was ready TODAY! I want them to correct my vision while they are at it, which is supposedly not so hard to do these days. I may have to wear reading glasses afterwards. Heck, I have trifocals now and still take them off when the print is really small. Practically have to stick the small print in my eye, but I can read it, up close.

This is one of my biggest fears, that someday I may not be able to read. I HAVE to read. I don't watch TV, don't listen to the radio, except NPR on my way to work in the morning. It is all too much noise for me. Too much chatter and nonsense. I am listening to cd's on learning Spanish while in the car driving to and fro. NO, don't test me. I am listening, not learning. Not yet, anyhow.
This series of pictures just cracks me up. Who broke wind?

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seven of seven said...

Ugh! That's unprofessional of the doctor's office not to call you. I've never had that happen, thank goodness. I hope they can fix your eyeballs, Kate. That would be nice. :-)

I know who cut the cheese!