Friday, March 14, 2008

Jean-Claude's Close-up

Jean-Claude is a whiskery boy.

I had to go back to my Marion store today, since I had found the BEFINE packets there and haven't seen them anywhere else. I was able to buy 3 more for my limit of 5. I also needed some copy paper and it was on sale for $3.49.

2 reams of paper = $6.98
3 BeFines $5.97
1 Colgate TP $2.99
one tuna $1.00
-5 off of 15 and $1 colgate coupon=10.94
-10 ECBS
+ .08 tax=$1.02 which I paid for with the remaining .63 on my old card and .39 on my new card. I received 9 ecbs for the BeFines and 2.99 for the colgate for a total of $11.99.

Spent 10 ecbs and $1.02 =11.02 so I made .97 this trip.

This week-end I will photograph the items I am sending to Afghanistan, before I pack it all up.


seven of seven said...

My, J-C is a whiskery boy. It looks like he curls them, to boot! Now I'm wondering about the gas you use to get to the stores. Are they far away? Are you making special trips just to go to the CVS store? I don't know about where you live, but here in California, prices are hitting 4 bucks a gallon! That can wipe out the savings from the store in a heartbeat.

Kate said...

The Marion store is about 7 miles away, but I combine trips to Salvation Army and the BIG Kroger when I head that way. The other one is in Carbondale and I can hit it on my lundh break. The third is in West Frankfort, which is about 10 miles round trip and has another Salvation Army near by. Gas just went up to 3.26 this week. YUCK! Glad I get 30 mpg.