Thursday, March 13, 2008


I turned ECB's into a Gift Card! Ok, little bit excited there. I bought two RX essentials for people who use painkillers like Ibuprofin. Hello! That would be me. They were $14.99, but buy one get one free. I also have a rebate form for the total cost of one, so will be sending that in immediately. I also had two $5 coupons for them that I was able to use. I also bought two BE FINE facial packs for $1.99 that were giving back $3 in ECB's each. Then I added the $10 CVS gift card. Soooooo...

14.99 RX essentials (2)
3.98 BeFine Facials (2)
10.00 Gift Card
28.97 minus-12.99 in ECBS (leaving me only $4 ecbs left, but getting more w/this transaction)
=$15.98- 5 off of $15
= 10.98- two $5 coupons
=.98 +.01 tax

Out of Pocket=.99

S0, I spent .99 + my $12.99 in ECBS. =13.98

I will get back $14.99 in rebate check for the RX essential. I have a $10 gift card and I got $6 in ECBS. The secret was paying the ECB's first and coupons last.

This was my best trip yet. Basically a $17 profit, minus the cost of a stamp. You can see how other folks are saving at Money Saving Moms Super Saving Saturday!

CVS will be reinbursed for the coupons, and the b1g1 free deal by the manufacturers. In answer to yesterdays response, they can stay in business because very few people go to the trouble to figure it all out. I have had people tell me they just throw those cash register coupons away. MONEY, people.

Also, if you pay the normal price for stuff there, it is more expensive than say, Walmart, but my point is to avoid paying those prices and use the deals to pay for the other stuff I want or need.


seven of seven said...

OMG. I can see how this would become addictive! Do the cashiers at CVS know you now? They probably chuckle and root for you. Have people in the line behind you talked to you about your strategy? I'm guessing you get excited as it is all being rung up. (At least, I know I would be vocal about it!) Can you use other people's receipts to get their coupons? I don't know how you'd convince them to give you their receipt, though. Congratulations, Kate. This is fun!

Kate said...

CRT coupons and ECB's are tied to the card they were generated with, so you can't use someone else's. The folks at the Marion store are helpful and cool, the other two stores need to do some training. I think they are smaller and less staffing means the cashiers are usually in the aisles stocking and calling them up to the register to check out is an intrusion to them.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Yes, before I saw Money Saving Mom, i didn't know how to use CVS to my advantage as much and I am ashamed to say that I let ECBs expire!!!

Great job!

Jessica said...

I never thought of buying a giftcard in my order. That is a great idea!