Friday, March 21, 2008

This Week at CVS 3-16 to 3-22

This was over the course of several transactions, some on the same visit. I don't have a picture of the first transaction, which was only good on Sunday and Monday. I bought
  1. $8.99 Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor Or Gloss $8.99 ECB free after ECB
  2. $4.99 Hershey's Pot Of Gold Premium or Nut Asst. 7.7-12oz $4.99 ECB Limit 2 free after ECB
  3. $.99 Confectionary Lane Jelly Beans 9oz $.99 ECB Limit 2 free after ECB

Total=15.96-5/15 -9 ECBS= 2.03 out of pocket and earned $15.96 ECBS

The Dove body wash was buy $15 get 5 ecbs and the Garnier Fructis was buy $25 get 10 ecbs.
I split them up into several transactions because the GF was $12.99 and I wanted to get the best use of my 5/15 coupon. So
#1-----one Dove-3.99+ GF 12.99=16.98- 5/15 -3 in coupons- 8.98 ecbs = .22 out of pocket
#2-----3 Doves -11.97 + toothbrush 4.99=16.96- 5/15 -5 coupons-6.96 ecbs = .36 out of pocket ( toothbrush gave 4.99 ecbs and dove deal 5 ecbs back)
#3----GF 12.99 + poison ivy stuff 6.49=19.48- 5/15 -11.99 ecbs=2.55 out of pocket, earned 10 ecbs for the Garnier deal.

summary so far-----3.13 spent out of pocket---10 ecbs left.

The other deal I wanted to work this week was a bayer deal, buy $20 get 5 ecbs, which doesn't sound so good, but there is also a rebate form for $4.50 when you buy 3 of the different items in this deal, and there are coupons, which makes this worth my while. I thought I had it figured out perfectly, but one of the items didn't have the sales price on the shelf, so I missed my $20 by 84 cents! I have to buy another Aleve and my 5 ecb will print out. I did find two LYPSYL which is one of the March deals I haven't been able to track down, so I grabbed them.

#1 2 Bayer @ 4.99=9.98+ 1 Aleve 2.99+ 1 Milk of Mag. 6.19=19.16 -5/15 - 3 coupons - 10 ecbs=1.21 out of pocket but no ecbs printed and I am out!

#2-Bic Soleil refills-5.99 + Venus razor-9.99 +Crest Pro Health Mouthwash-3.49 +2 Lypsyl- 5.98 + Mt. Dew 1.49=26.94- 5/15 -6 coupons =17.29 I paid in cash!!!!!! However, I did get $18.47 back in ECBS so tomorrow I will finish up the Bayer deal and still have plenty to start the next week off with.

I am so glad it is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out how more people are saving at Money Saving Mom!

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