Sunday, March 16, 2008

Package for Troops

My package for the female troops in Afghanistan. I am also throwing in a couple of romance books as requested, but I have to make sure they are not too explicit and that the cover photo is innocent. I had a little extra room so I used the Curves bars as packing material! Everything above came from CVS, the bars were from Kroger with a coupon. Now I need to write a note and it will be in tomorrows mail.


seven of seven said...

Fantastic! I'm curious about how much it costs to ship a care package like that? Does it go to a U.S. address, or do you pay to ship to Afganistan?

kate said...

It is going in a priority mail flat rate box for $10.95 since it going to an apo/fpo address. That's $2 less than it normally costs. You can get the boxes free at